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Below you can find information on the top translators and fields of expertise for the English to German language pair on TM-Town.

Top 10 Experts

Rank Translator Name Translation Units Term Concepts
1 tomreinold Friedrich Reinold

Expert technical translations

Country: United States

1,753,255 0
2 User Avatar Robert Pätzold

Get a translation that works!

Country: Germany

315,791 0
3 siegfriedarmbruster24021 Siegfried Armbruster

Pharmaceutical and medical translations

Country: Germany

203,258 34,528
4 User Avatar Wilhelm Pfiffer

Getting the meaning across is King

Country: Ireland

182,649 0
5 dozagu Dorita Zarrath

Over 25 years of experience, highly organized

Country: Germany

140,060 0
6 annakramer Anna Sarah Krämer Fazendeiro

Always The Right Words

Country: Germany

140,016 13
7 roxedling7477 Torsten Rox-Edling

Wenn Sie etwas zu sagen haben......

Country: Germany

125,428 0
8 florianwollenschein67851 Florian Wollenschein

Your trusted expert

Country: Germany

119,231 0
9 joushikijin Dénis Wettmann

psychologist, et cetera

Country: Ireland

101,594 0
10 claudiak16 Claudia Kirchner

English/German freelance translator

Country: Austria

97,716 57

Top 10 Fields of Expertise

Rank Field Translation Units
1 Automotive 1,582,494
2 Technology 1,547,730
3 Machine Tools 1,507,207
4 Medical (Pharmaceuticals) 471,078
5 Medical (Instruments) 392,160
6 Information Technology 377,763
7 Medical (Clinical Trial) 352,714
8 Medical 250,558
9 General 244,040
10 Patents 237,449

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* Please note that a document may be tagged with up to 3 fields of expertise; therefore, the total unique translation units on TM-Town is less than the total in the center purple circle.

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