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TM-Town's mission is to create a better translation world through technology and specialization.

TM-Town is owned and operated by ProZ.com. ProZ.com serves the world's largest community of translators - over 800,000 registered users. ProZ.com has been in operation since 1999.


TM-Town is a patent-pending new service that utilizes state-of-the-art natural language processing technology to match translation professionals with clients in need of high quality translation. There are already a number of places on the internet where freelance translators can be found. What makes TM-Town different is that the directory is organized based on work that has been previously completed. Translators don't just say what they can do, they show it -- by uploading their previous work.

To appear in the list of translators in a certain area of expertise, you register and upload a previous translation that you have performed in that area. The translation itself remains private, but thanks to the patent-pending TM-Town structure, that previous translation goes to work attracting jobs and potential new clients to you.

Kevin dias

Kevin Dias


I am an American living in Japan interested in the intersection of Natural Language Processing (NLP), web development, and the translation industry. Before developing TM-Town I built an online CAT Tool called transdraft which is aimed at making CAT software easy and accessible for freelance translators. I have also developed a wide range of other applications and sites including a language acquisition application, a language chat correction application, as well as an alumni networking application.

Feel free to contact me with any questions about TM-Town, feedback, or feature requests. I enjoy getting to know the community and it helps me to improve TM-Town.

Nate Hill - TM-Town

Nate Hill


As long as I can remember, I've always been fascinated with language. When I was six, I checked out all of the books from my rural Texas town's library that were targeted at teaching children foreign languages. I confused my parents quite a bit by running around the house calling out things by their names in Spanish, German, and French. My love of language and culture has led me develop a number of language learning tools on the internet, one of which is Fluentli, a Q&A community with audio for language learners. I also made a chatroom for language learners, a tool for helping English teachers correct students' writing, and an online course platform.

I look forward to getting to know the TM-Town community. I want to help you work better and build a stronger translation services business. Reach out any time!

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