Terms of Service

TM-Town Content Confidentiality and Data Usage Policies

By default, a translation memory ('TM') or any document that you load into TM-Town is treated as follows:

  • It can be browsed online, and downloaded as a file, ONLY BY YOU. Other TM-Town users can not see or download it.
  • TMs you upload can NOT be searched or leveraged by others.
  • TMs you upload will NOT be sold or made public.
  • The only information made available to others concerning a TM you upload is (1) the language pair, (2) the number of translation units, (3) the (up to three) tags you enter to categorize the content.
  • It is possible to elect not to show even this information to others.
  • TMs you upload are NOT used to train machine translation ('MT').
  • TM-Town does NOT, and will NOT, learn, train or otherwise use the content of your TMs and glossaries to its own benefit. What TM-Town provides is the opposite: the opportunity for you, the translator, to benefit from your content.
  • TM-Town’s matching algorithm takes into consideration such factors as the frequency with which terms appear in a given sample of text, and the frequency with which terms appear in all texts within a given language. A TM that you upload WILL be analyzed for term frequency.
  • This type of analysis, and other such forms of processing, will not affect your TM file.
  • The results of the term frequency analysis are NOT made public; terms that appear in your documents will not be disclosed to others.
  • The results of fuzzy match or repetition calculations when comparing your documents against a potential document to be translated are strictly YOUR DATA and will never be shared or disclosed to a client or 3rd party (unless you choose to do so yourself).
  • Features such as alignment, term extraction and semi-automated glossary generation are provided solely for your benefit. Extracted terms and glossaries generated are NOT shared with others (unless you choose to do so).
  • The number of translation units in your TM files and the number of term concepts in your glossaries WILL be shown to others in your profile page (unless you request that it not be shown).
  • TM-Town staff are able to access TMs. This is necessary for the purposes of providing customer service and optimizing the functionality of the TM-Town service.
  • If you delete a TM that you have uploaded to TM-Town, it will no longer be stored at TM-Town in any form.
  • TM-Town staff reserves the right to respond to complaints or otherwise investigate copyright violations. TMs which are loaded in violation of any confidentiality agreements or copyright laws may be removed. In such cases, appropriate notice and an opportunity to dispute the finding will be provided.
  • TM-Town will do its best not to lose any data that you upload to the service. However, you should keep local backups as well.

The above treatment also applies to non-TM documents that you load into TM-Town.

While TM-Town makes it possible for translation buyers to meet and order translations from translators registered with TM-Town, TM-Town does not itself offer translation services to clients.

TM-Town is owned by ProZ.com. Please see ProZ.com's privacy policy and GDPR compliance page for more details.

Last updated on August 4th, 2015.