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TM-Town Professional membership is part of the ProZ.com Plus package. If you are interested in TM-Town professional membership, the ProZ.com Plus package offers you the best value.

Plan Details

Language pairs

Fields of expertise

Work matching with Nakōdo

File conversion (TMX, XLIFF, XLS, CSV)

Productivity tracking

Sell Glossaries in our marketplace

20% commission to TM-Town

10% commission to TM-Town

0% commission to TM-Town

Share files with collaborators


Directory boost



Search up to 1,000 segments and 500 terms
Store up to 20 documents
Job Matching Potential
5 alignments
Search up to 50,000 segments and 5,000 terms
Store up to 50 documents
Job Matching Potential

$15 /month

Save 20% annually
Search up to 2,000,000 segments and 500,000 terms
Store up to 1,000 documents
Job Matching Potential
TM-Town White Label

TM-Town also offers a white label version of our application to help small to mid-sized translation agencies manage their translators and agency.

TEL. +1 (315) 463-7323

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What is an 'enhanced' profile?

A. We created beautiful portfolio style profiles for anyone to use for free, however, we enhance our paid users' profiles by removing the Similar Translators section.

Q. What if I have more than 2,000,000 segments or more than 500,000 terms? Can I buy a bigger plan?

A. Send us an email and we'll help you out.

Q. What happens if I hit my segment limit or term limit before I reach my document limit?

A. The segment limit or term limit is the limit that can get indexed into search. If you hit either limit before you hit your document limit you can still load documents into your TM-Town account for purposes of matching and improving your profile; however, the content of the those documents will not be indexed into your search if you exceed your segment or term limit.

Q. What is the limit for segments and terms?

A. The limit for segments and terms is a limit to what will be indexed into your TM-Town search. This allows you to search your TM-Town segments and terms from the browser or through a CAT tool extension. After you reach this limit (as long as you have not reached the document limit) you can still load work into your TM-Town account for purposes of matching.

Q. What is the Directory Boost feature Professional members get?

A. Translators who have purchased the 'Professional Plan' will appear first in the search results and will have a special badge displayed on their profile.

Q. Is it possible to get a refund?

A. Absolutely! If for whatever reason you are not satisfied, TM-Town offers a full refund for 30 days from the time of the first membership payment. To request a refund, please email us at info@tm-town.com.

What Translators Are Saying

It's our goal to make translators happier through technology. Here's what a few have to say about our tools so far!

TM-Town https://www.tm-town.com : Client's docs terminology is compared against your previous projects and you're matched accordingly. Clever.

Jeromobot @Jeromobot

New blog post is up! Learn about an awesome new technology venture, @tmtranslators: http://translationtimes.blogspot.jp/2014/12/meet-tm-town-and-its-creator.html #xl8 #Technology

Judy Jenner
Judy Jenner @language_news

Just wanted to say it's really refreshing to see someone come up with something really new, and who is obviously so passionate about what they do.

Fiona Peterson
Fiona Peterson

TM Town is the best tool I came across in the last couple of years! It is user-friendly and the searches are lightning fast!

José Manuel Fonseca
José Manuel Fonseca

TM-Town is easy to use and navigate and it is based on a great idea.

Anna Kaló
Anna Kaló

I’m so excited because I discovered your project! It is the best site that I found for translators… original, useful, easy to work with. I'm sure in short time it will be indispensable for all translators! The alignment process is WONDERFUL!!! Congratulations and thank you very much!!!

Susana Gómez Cacho
Susana Gómez Cacho

TM-Town is by far the most useful and enjoyable site for both translators and those searching for them. The features are manifold, the plans go from free to fair, and the matchmaking is, well, unmatched.

Patrick Roye
Patrick Roye

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