About Nakōdo

A first-of-its-kind translator search engine by TM-Town

What TM-Town members are saying about Nakōdo

Saul Krasinskas

Saul Krasinskas

Opted in and checked out the Nakōdo feature, seems to work great, I am impressed and this will now prompt me to add more TMs. Only thing left is to attract translation seekers to your site...

Maruša Pen

Maruša Pen

I have checked Nakōdo and I opted in. I like the idea. So, I'll recommend your page to my fellow-translators. :)



I checked it out and the first impression was quite positive, so I opted in. Let's see how it works.

Giorgioni Monia

Giorgioni Monia

Thank you very much for informing me on the release of the first-of-its-kind translator search engine Nakōdo. I am very impressed with its highly advanced technology which allows translators to connect with the right clients. I was very enthusiastic to opt in for this special feature which represents a very important step in my professional career. Following your advice, I would also like to complete my professional portfolio, in order to have a better chance at being discovered. Congratulations on the launch of such an advanced and indispensable platform!

What is Nakōdo?

Nakōdo is a first-of-its-kind translator search engine by TM-Town that utilizes state-of-the-art natural language processing technology to match translation professionals with clients in need of high quality translation.

TM-Town Nakōdo

With Nakōdo a visitor enters the text of a document she or he needs translated and the language of the desired translation. TM-Town's system analyzes the terminology of the document and compares it against documents translators have loaded into TM-Town's system and recommends the best specialists who have translated similar material. During this process the content of all documents (both the document the visitor needs translated and the documents translators have loaded) stay private and secure.

How do I interpret the results?

Nakōdo returns three scores for each recommended translator:

  • Similarity Score
  • Quantity Score
  • Match Strength

The Similarity Score is a reflection of how closely the material of the document that needs translation matches the most similar document in a translator's portfolio. The Similarity Score is a number between 0 and 100.

The Quantity Score is a reflection of the amount of material that translator has loaded that has similarity to the document that needs translation.

The Match Strength can fall into one of three categories and is TM-Town's interpretation of the strength of a match after considering all factors:

  • Golden Match
  • Strong Match
  • Weak Match
TM-Town Nakōdo Results Graph

The Similarity Score is independent of the amount a translator has loaded into TM-Town. In other words, a translator could load only one or two documents in their specialty and still come out on top in Nakōdo's search results if the content strongly matches the document that needs translation.

TM-Town Nakōdo Results Table

How do I improve my ranking as a translator?

The best way to improve your ranking is to load work in your fields of expertise. Whether you are listed as a Golden Match, Strong Match or Weak Match depends on the content of the document being searched and the documents you have uploaded. The best thing you can do is load documents in your specialty.

Loading general documents will give you a very low chance of attaining a Golden Match; conversely, loading a document with terminology specific to a very focused field will give you a much better chance of attaining a Golden Match, even if the document is not very long.

I don't want to be included in the results, how can I remove myself?

Nakōdo is opt-in ONLY. Translators who sign up for TM-Town will never be included in the Nakōdo results unless the translator specifically chooses to opt in.

I opted in for Nakōdo but I am not showing up in the results?

Nakōdo will only show TM-Town members who have loaded in at least one qualifying document (a TM file, a Deshi .town file, a glossary, or an aligned document). If you have loaded in a qualifying document but are still not showing up please email us and we'll help you.

Is it possible that this will leak confidential information about me or the translations I have done?

If a visitor searches a query such as 'ABC Company' and a translator were returned in the matches, this may convey to the visitor that this translator has done translation work for 'ABC Company' (whether true or not). For some translators this may be a highly undesirable outcome (other translators may find it desirable).

To protect translators, TM-Town provides a simple tool to maintain a blacklist of terms. The blacklist works by redacting any term a translator enters across all documents that translator has loaded. This means that if a translator adds 'ABC Company' to their blacklist that translator would NOT appear in the results for a query of 'ABC Company'. If 'ABC Company' appears as part of a much longer query submitted to Nakōdo, that translator may still appear in the results based on matching of other terms in the translator's document ('ABC Company' was redacted from the translator's document, but the rest of the document has high similarity to the submitted search query).

What does the name Nakōdo mean?

Nakōdo (仲人) is a Japanese word meaning matchmaker. The goal of TM-Town's new translator search engine is to match those in need of translation with the best specialist for the job.

Still have questions? Send a message and someone from TM-Town will get back to you ASAP.