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Russian to German

Below you can find information on the top translators and fields of expertise for the Russian to German language pair on TM-Town.

Top 10 Experts

Rank Translator Name Translation Units Term Concepts
1 ektra Elena Kharitonova

Country: Russia

1,470 0
2 hochnadel Helena Hochnadel

Attention to detail and extensive research

Country: Germany

304 145
3 d_mokrousov Dmytro Mokrousov

Country: Germany

41 0
4 User Avatar Gayane Osipova

Country: Czech Republic

16 0
5 jens Jens Wargenau

Your translations in competent hands

Country: Spain

14 0
6 elena_z Elena Zayg

Country: Austria

10 5
7 rk1006 Kirill Rodionov

Country: Russia

10 0
8 herzog Владимир

Переводы чисто и быстро, объемы от 100 стр.

Country: Russia

7 0
9 melissa665 Hanna Kishkurna

Country: Belarus

4 0
10 bvdt Birgit von der Thannen

state certified translator

Country: Austria

3 0

Top 10 Fields of Expertise

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* Please note that a document may be tagged with up to 3 fields of expertise; therefore, the total unique translation units on TM-Town is less than the total in the center purple circle.

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