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New Features


Kevin Dias commented on February 11, 2015

Hello translators,

I'll use this thread to post new features / functionality that I add to the site. I welcome any feedback you have on these new features - please post it here.


Kevin Dias commented on February 11, 2015

New feature - link your TM-Town profile to your ProZ.com profile

When logged in, if you visit your Account Settings you can now link your ProZ.com account. This will create a hyperlink to your ProZ.com profile on your TM-Town public profile.

I hope to add some other sites soon (i.e. LinkedIn). This new feature will hopefully benefit you in 2 ways:

  1. Building trust among potential clients / visitors (one more point of verification)
  2. Linking among your online profiles may help your SEO as a freelance translator

Kevin Dias commented on February 11, 2015

Change, add or delete fields of expertise from a document

It is now possible to edit the fields of expertise you selected for a document. You can do this by clicking on the document in the "Your Work" section of the site and then clicking on the "Document Management" tab.


Kevin Dias commented on February 16, 2015

Be sure to check out TM-Town's new tool - Word Count Analyzer. This tool will help you see what is causing discrepancies between the word counts of different tools.


Kevin Dias commented on February 19, 2015

Support for CafeTran terminology .csv files has been added. You can now upload a CafeTran terminology file by choosing "Terminology File" after clicking the purple "Load Work" button.

If there is a TM or terminology file type that is not currently supported on TM-Town that you would like supported, please leave me a message here or send me an email.


Kevin Dias commented on March 5, 2015

Term Repository search is now improved. Search through all repositories here or go to an individual repository to search terms only in that repository.

For a case sensitive exact match search, enclose your query in dollar signs (e.g. $hello$). To search for terms within a specific target language, enclose that language's two character ISO 639-1 code in colons.


Kevin Dias commented on March 16, 2015

You can now search your personal TMs and terminology files through TM-Town's new search feature. For more info check out my latest blog post.


Silvia Di Profio commented on April 9, 2015

Hi Kevin,
I uploaded a wrong file, how can I delete it? Thank you!


Kevin Dias commented on April 9, 2015

Hi @healthtranslate - you can delete a file by first clicking on that document in the "Your Work" view and then scrolling to the bottom of the "Document Management" tab where you will find the button to delete the file.


Kevin Dias commented on April 13, 2015

TM-Town now supports SDLTM (.sdltm) TM files. You can upload this file type by clicking on the "TM File" option in the "Load Work" section of the site.


Kevin Dias commented on April 27, 2015

With TM-Town's new Confidential Information Redactor translators can redact confidential information from a document before saving it into TM-Town's system. This new feature allows translators to benefit from TM-Town's unique matching platform without having to save any confidential client data in TM-Town's system.


Kevin Dias commented on May 20, 2015

Additional Terminology File Upload Formats Now Available

Previously if you wanted to upload a terminology file on TM-Town it needed to either be a .tbx file or a .csv file specifically formatted from CafeTran.

From today you can now upload general .csv, .xls, and .xlsx terminology files. Typically you should have the source term in one column and the target term in a second column. If you have a header row that is ok, if you don't have a header row that is ok as well. The system will detect that and will also automatically detect the languages for you.

So give uploading a terminology file a try and let me know how it goes! If you have any issues or any other terminology formats you would like to see please let me know.


Kevin Dias commented on June 12, 2015

Hello everyone, please check out this new blog post which goes over a few different new features on TM-Town.


Kevin Dias commented on July 5, 2015

A lot of new features available today including a new uploader. Also TM-Town now has OCR (optical character recognition) available in 47 languages! Read my most recent blog post for full details. Please let me know your feedback on these recent changes. Thank you!


Kevin Dias commented on October 13, 2015

TM-Town's aligner has been updated with a better way to split a long text into 2 segments. Now, when you click the scissor icon, instead of TM-Town guessing where the split should be you will now be asked to put your mouse cursor where you would like the split to occur.


Ayse Tuba Demirel SUCU commented on November 4, 2015

Hi, I could not find any information on how to handle "parse error". Why does it occur? What can I do to eliminate?


Kevin Dias commented on November 4, 2015

Hi Ayse,

Over the past 12 hours there were a few issues importing documents as there were a lot of uploads after the webinar. I apologize for the inconvenience.

One thing I want to improve is to give better error messages for document uploads so that if there is an error you know why the document import was not successful. However, I am still working on this as there can be many reasons why an import is not successful.

If you do experience a "parse error" please do not hesitate to email me and I will look into it and sometimes I will be able to resolve the issue and make sure the file is imported correctly, or at the very least I can give you better details on why it failed.

Here are the most common reasons documents fail to import correctly:

  • It is a format that is not accepted by TM-Town. This most often occurs when the file extension may be accepted; however, the actual content of that document is not in an accepted format. For example, TM-Town accepts .txt TM files in the Wordfast format; however, if you upload a .txt file TM that does not follow the Wordfast TM format it will not import correctly.
  • Malformed XML or missing tags. This is probably the most common reason for failure for a TM file such as .tmx or .xlf. If there is an error in the XML of the file, or a missing tag the number of TUs in the TM will be calculated but the content of the TM will not be imported.
  • Empty files. This is a surprisingly common error. Be sure to check that the document you are uploading actually has content in it.
  • Excel files that do not follow TM-Town's format. If you are uploading a .xls or .xlsx file and experience a parse error please be sure to check these 2 blog posts to make sure your file matches the correct format. [Upload Excel Translation Memory Files] | [Additional Terminology File Upload Formats Now Available]



(account deleted) commented on July 13, 2017

I would like to know how to delete my TM-Town account, please can you tell me how to do it? Thank you


Kevin Dias commented on July 13, 2017

You can delete your account by going to the account settings page (https://www.tm-town.com/translators/edit) and clicking on the 'User Preferences' tab. At the bottom you will find a gray button to delete your account.

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