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Confidential Information Redactor

Confidential Information Redactor

TM-Town is releasing a new feature today that provides translators with a convenient way of redacting confidential information from a document before saving it into TM-Town's system. This new feature allows translators to benefit from TM-Town's unique matching platform without having to save any confidential client data in TM-Town's system.

Why build this feature

TM-Town takes privacy and security very seriously. Every document a translator loads into TM-Town's system is automatically private and secure. Even with these protections, some translators have mentioned they would be even more comfortable if confidential information could be redacted from a document before it is loaded into TM-Town's system.

I thought this would be a great feature as TM-Town's matching algorithm is heavily focused on domain specific terminology and removing confidential information such as names, places, dates, numbers, emails or web addresses will not affect the ability of the algorithm to select the best translator for a job. Any feature that helps improve privacy and security while still allowing TM-Town to pursue its mission of a better translation world through technology and specialization is a great addition in my opinion.

How it works

When you load a document into TM-Town's system you can check the Redact confidential info checkbox. This can be done with translation memory files (TMs), source documents, target documents or alignments.

TM-Town Confidential Information Redactor

The only caveat is that your document must be smaller than 1MB (approximately 4,000 segments for a TMX file or ~160,000 words for a monolingual text document). The reason I set this limit is that it can get unwieldy for larger documents as there are more potential candidates for a translator to check - and a higher chance a confidential candidate may be overlooked.

TM-Town makes it easy to enter a word or phrase you would like redacted from your document - just enter it into the box and click the purple button.

TM-Town Confidential Information Redactor Input Box

In addition, TM-Town’s system will automatically suggest potential confidential candidates from your document and show them to you for review. You can remove a candidate from the list if it is not a confidential word by unchecking it, or you can add a word or phrase that is missing by entering it into the input box and clicking the purple button.

TM-Town Confidential Information Redactor Preview

This feature can also automatically redact dates, numbers, emails, and web urls.

Once finished your new redacted document will be saved into TM-Town's system. Your original document will not be available as it is never saved into TM-Town's system and is immediately deleted from memory after the confidential information redaction is finished.

Video demo

Supported languages

While this feature will work for a document in any language, it will only automatically extract candidates for the currently supported languages. For non-supported languages you will need to manually add the words and phrases you would like to redact. I will be working to add more languages in the future. If there is a language you would like to see added please email TM-Town and I will bump it up the priority list.

Currently supported languages:

  • Dutch
  • English
  • French
  • German
  • Italian
  • Polish
  • Portuguese
  • Spanish

Open source

TM-Town benefits from many open source natural language processing technologies and advancements and in turn tries to give back to the community by open sourcing various libraries. Confidential Information Redactor is one such library. TM-Town has also open sourced Pragmatic Segmenter (a sentence segmentation engine) and Word Count Analyzer (a tool to analyze differences in word count across various tools).

Put your linguistic assets to work for you

By loading your prior translation work into TM-Town's system you can start "earning interest" on of your valuable translation assets. TM-Town's system uses natural language processing techniques to match incoming translation jobs to the best translator for the job. In essence, your work is working for you - attracting you new clients and translation jobs.

Give it a try - TM-Town is a free and safe way to leverage your past translations. You can register for free here.

kevin dias at tm-town

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Kevin Dias
TM-Town Developer
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Comments (6)

piotbienkowski Piotr
Posted over 8 years ago.

What about the resources already uploaded? And the big ones like mine?

diasks2 Kevin Dias
Posted over 8 years ago.

Hi Piotr,

Thanks for the comment. For resources already uploaded you can redact information from the document under the "Document Management" tab. This will delete the original document and only save the redacted version. However, this option will only appear for documents that are under the 1MB limit. So currently your big TM files are not supported by this tool. I hope to have an option for the larger TM files in the future. I will keep you updated.


amirhadi Qasem Mafi
Iran, Islamic Republic Of
Posted over 7 years ago.

Keep my sent documents confidential.
Warm regards,
Ghasem Mafi

stranomostro Michele Balduzzi
Posted almost 7 years ago.

Sometimes it's slow or doesn't work, right?
It's taking ages to redact a Word document I've uploaded which is just 76 Kb. Please advise.
Thanks and regards

diasks2 Kevin Dias
Posted almost 7 years ago.

Hi Michele,

Could you email me and I can check deeper into the issue for you (info at tm-town.com)? Looking at your account I see one document that it looks like you already redacted terms from, so I'd like to learn more about the issue.

Best regards,

efarham ELI FARHAM
United Kingdom
Posted about 6 years ago.

Hi Kevin,
I am new at TM-Town and I have a question it may seem trivial but I'll be grateful if you help me to figure out.
What appears in my profile (recent activity) has some mistakes. Can I change and edit them to become correct? or is this something that you should do?

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