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Can Tm-Town be used like locstudio, googletranslator toolkit,sdl trados?

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Nurhussen Mohamedsalih Nuru commented on July 21, 2015

If tm-town can not be used like locstudio, google translsator toolkit and other cat tools, why is it so much important?
For storing what I translated previously,I can use google translator toolkit or google drive.
Will please explain for me its unique advantage?


Kevin Dias commented on July 21, 2015

Thanks for your post! I think that TM-Town has some unique advantages:

TM-Town is not a CAT tool, but I think it has a lot of features that could benefit you as a translator. For more details on some of the different and unique features of TM-Town I would recommend TM-Town’s blog: https://www.tm-town.com/blog.


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