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Featured Experts

Rank Translator Name Translation Units Term Concepts
1 olgabuongiorno5844 Olga Buongiorno

Marketing, surveying, gaming, tourism, IT

Country: Italy

133,937 93
2 mirkomainardi5998 Mirko Mainardi

Games, Software, Apps, Website, IT, Marketing

Country: Italy

6,515 0
3 alfx Alfonso De Luca

Gaming, Technical, Marketing Specialist

Country: Italy

4,100 0
4 d_martellini Daniele Martellini

Your Gateway to Finance and Law

Country: Italy

919 0
5 dasdia Francesca D'Asdia

Professional Technical Translator

Country: Germany

532 0
6 mariapia_nuzzolese Maria Pia Giuseppina Nuzzolese

Every milestone is a starting point.

Country: Italy

359 13
7 ivano_conte Ivano Conte

Country: Italy

214 0
8 manuela91 Manuela Corradini

Let's italianize it!

Country: Italy

0 37