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French to Romanian

Below you can find information on the top translators and fields of expertise for the French to Romanian language pair on TM-Town.

Top 10 Experts

Rank Translator Name Translation Units Term Concepts
1 User Avatar ad76

Country: Romania

648 0
2 liapirghie Cornelia-Iozefina

Tenacity and interdisciplinary approach

Country: Romania

27 92
3 cristinabolohan28737 Cristina Bolohan

MA in Translation Theory and Practice

Country: Romania

17 0
4 mihaelaburuiana Mihaela Buruiana

Your professional translator

Country: Romania

16 0
5 cornellaurentiu Cornel Laurentiu

Country: Romania

14 0
6 User Avatar Andreea Sepi

Intercultural Communication Services

Country: Germany

10 0
7 User Avatar Lorena Ciutacu

Country: Austria

6 0
8 denisepreda Denise Preda

Country: Romania

6 0
9 annie_2018 Ana-Maria Anea

Fight for another day!

Country: Romania

6 0
10 zsuzsannakupan6180 Zsuzsánna Kupán

Translator/interpreter - four MA degrees

Country: Germany

5 0

Top 10 Fields of Expertise

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