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TM-Town has joined the ProZ.com family

TM-Town has joined the ProZ.com family

We have some huge news!

We're joining forces with ProZ.com to further our mission to create a better translation world through technology and specialization.

Don't worry though, TM-Town will not be disappearing or closing. In fact, we only have GOOD news for TM-Town members.

First, let me explain a little of how it will work going forward. The two sites -- ProZ.com and TM-Town -- will continue to exist separately. The strong privacy and data confidentiality policies we have at TM-Town will remain intact. Nothing changes there.

Additionally, both of us (Kevin and Nate) will still be working full time on TM-Town, striving to make it a better platform day by day.

Over time, we expect that a joint membership will be offered and we are also excited to explore other possible synergies. ProZ.com has a ton of cool features (15+ years of development work!) and we are excited to put on our thinking caps and find ways to help our members benefit from these.

Why did we choose this path?

Simply, we want to grow TM-Town faster and we want to help more translators find more work. Not only is ProZ.com the world's leading community for freelance translators, but I think both sites are very similar with a focus on serving the freelance translator. This makes ProZ.com a match made in heaven for us - we can continue pursuing our mission with a partner who shares our ideals and values.

We expect that partnering up with ProZ.com -- a respected and trusted member of the translation industry with a long track record -- will allow us to better serve our members. More awareness of our platform will lead to more use amongst translators, end clients and agencies...and this means more job messages and opportunities for you.

How does this affect me today?

In the short term, not much changes. You can now log in to TM-Town with your ProZ.com account (if you wish). As I mentioned though, over the long term we want to explore different ways that TM-Town can benefit from ProZ.com and vice versa. Of course, if you have any ideas, let us know in the comments below!

For specific details on the acquisition please reference the official press release. Of course, if you have any questions or concerns feel free to email us.

kevin dias at tm-town

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Kevin Dias
TM-Town Developer
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Nate Hill at TM-Town

About the Author

Nate Hill
TM-Town Developer

Nate is building TM-Town to help translators optimize their work, hone their art, and find better paying work based on their expertise. More about me

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Comments (6)

anna77 Dr Anna Kaló
Posted over 6 years ago.

:/ nothing in this is "serving the freelance translator" ... you just want to rip off the freelancers with paid memberships as well :/ :/ I could not care less, though

aserbovets Andrey Serbovets
Posted over 6 years ago.

Why would you "partner" with your direct competition? Let's call it for what it is: the acquisition (as stated on PROZ). Though I'm hardly an active TM-Town (as well as PROZ) user, I'd like to point out one thing: this just looks like PROZ does not want any competition out there. TM-Town (even with its paid membership) looked like a sensible alternative to PROZ, and now I'm not so sure about that.

samuelholden Samuel Sebastian Holden Bramah
United Kingdom
Posted over 6 years ago.

Congratulations Kevin on this... I am surprised by the negative comments and urge you to ignore the haters (unless they have anything truly constructive to say) and get on with keeping up your good work.

You know that I am a fan and there are lots more like me out there... If other users are too blind to see the advantages of your website or are too stuck in the past with antiquated processes and procedures, then hey, that is just progress and evolution for you.

I look forward to learning about all the new and great things you guys come up with!!


User Avatar Gabriel Luis
Posted over 6 years ago.

Great news! Finally Proz.com gets serious development power! Don´t loose the patent project out of the scope!

michaelbeijer Michael J.W. Beijer
United Kingdom
Posted over 6 years ago.

Interesting news, and I'm curious what you'll come up with together!

I don't see any reason to be negative, as I have not seen any evidence of either Proz.com or TM-Town ripping anyone off. I enjoy Proz.com and get most of my work via the site, and have played around with TM-Town a bit, although I have yet to get any work.

I also have a few ideas I might like to discuss at some point, mainly around terminology and integration between TM-Town and the vast Proz.com term database.

I also think that Proz.com is desperately in need of a few modern developers with a fresh outlook, so am curious to see what effect this will have on Proz.com's ancient website design. Don't get me wrong, I love most of the functionality of the site, the active KudoZ area and the forums, but the design looks like it probably did when the site was first launched back in the 90s.


patriciabr5597 Patricia Brenes
United States
Posted over 6 years ago.

Congratulations, Kevin and Nate. I´m sure this is a win-win situation for all. Keep up the good work!

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