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Sell Your Glossaries

Sell Your Glossaries

Over the past few weeks many translators have expressed interest in selling glossaries on the TM-Town Terminology Marketplace. Today I'm excited to announce that it is even easier to get started selling your terminology glossaries. You can now submit a glossary for approval directly from your TM-Town account.

Sell Glossary Button

If you upload a terminology file into your TM-Town account you will now see a Sell Glossary button for that file. If you would like to sell that glossary on the TM-Town Terminology Marketplace, you only need to click that button to get started.

Easy to Sell

After clicking the Sell Glossary button you will be asked to give your glossary a:

  • title
  • overview
  • description
  • price
Describe Your Glossary

For more details about selling your glossary please visit the TM-Town Terminology Marketplace Seller Guidelines and FAQs page.

If you have a glossary that you think other translators would benefit from but you do not want to sell it, it is also possible to list a terminology glossary for free (€0.00).

Getting Paid

TM-Town accepts payments for purchases on the TM-Town Terminology Marketplace using the payment processor Stripe. Customers can purchase a glossary with a credit card.

For sellers, the easiest way to get paid is to set up a Stripe account and then link your TM-Town account to your Stripe account in your account settings.

If Stripe is not supported in your country, TM-Town can pay you through PayPal once a month based on your sales. For sellers who choose to get paid through PayPal, please enter your PayPal email address in your account settings.

TM-Town takes a 20% commission on sales (payment processor fees are separate).

TMs vs Glossaries

I'm sometimes asked by translators if it is possible to sell a translation memory (TM) file on TM-Town. The answer is no, you can not sell translation memory files on TM-Town, only glossaries. The difference being that a TM file typically consists of segments that are generally a sentence in length. Glossaries, on the other hand, consist of terms that are generally 1 or 2 words in length. If you are unsure of the difference between a translation memory file and glossary feel free to email TM-Town and I can help guide you.

I have a lot of ideas for improvements planned for the TM-Town Terminology Marketplace to make it even better and more useful for translators and sellers alike, so stay tuned. If you purchase a file from the marketplace be sure to leave the seller some feedback and a star rating. This will help other potential buyers make an educated decision on their purchase. Thank you for your support and feel free to leave any ideas or suggestions for the TM-Town Terminology Marketplace in the comments below.

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Kevin Dias
TM-Town Developer
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Comments (3)

susana Susana Gómez Cacho
Posted over 7 years ago.

Estoy completamente satisfecha con mi compra. Rápido, fácil, y económico: en unos pocos clics una vasta base de datos en mi ordenador ¡lista para ser usada! ¡Una maravilla! Auguro un gran futuro a este mercado de la terminología.

I am completely satisfied with my purchase. Quickly, easily and cheap, in a few clicks a vast database on my computer ready to be used! A marvel! I foresee a great future to this market terminology.

diasks2 Kevin Dias
Posted over 7 years ago.

Hola Susana,

Thank you for your comment and purchase! I'm happy to hear it was useful to you.

Thanks for the encouraging words!

:smile: :thumbsup:

aztagta02gma Araceli
Posted over 4 years ago.

como comienzo a trabajar?
necesito rspuestas

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