TM-Town Terminology Marketplace FAQ

TM-Town's terminology marketplace is a central location where translators can buy and sell high quality terminology glossaries formatted for direct import into your CAT tool of choice. The terminology files in the marketplace cover a wide variety of language pairs. After purchasing a file package it becomes immediately available for download and is also added to your TM-Town account.

Seller Guidelines

  • The file(s) must be terminology files (aka glossaries) and can not be translation memory files (aka TM files). What's the difference? Terminology or glossary files should contain 1, 2 or 3 word terms/short phrases and their translation(s) (and optionally their definitions) while translation memory files contain longer sentences or segments.
  • Any glossary that you will be charging for should contain a minimum of 30 term concepts.
  • Any glossary you put up for sale should be a glossary that you have created. Selling glossaries that were created by others may be permitted, but only when explicitly permitted by a license or other document.
  • Your glossary should be from one source language into one target language. If you have a glossary that is in multiple languages please break it into separate files and sell each language pair separately.
  • Trademarked terms, brand names and the like should be removed from glossaries.
  • TM-Town reserves the right to respond to complaints or otherwise investigate copyright violations. Glossaries in violation of any confidentiality agreements or copyright laws may be removed.
  • TM-Town ultimately has the discretion to determine what files are allowed for sale on the TM-Town Terminology Marketplace. Files that do not meet a certain quality standard may be disallowed or removed.
  • The seller determines the price (in Euros) the file(s) are sold at.
  • TM-Town takes a 20% commission on sales (payment processor fees are separate).

To learn more about selling your terminology glossaries please refer to this blog post or watch the video below.

No, at this time TM-Town only permits the sale of terminology (aka glossary) files on the TM-Town Terminology Marketplace.

A terminology or glossary file should contain 1, 2 or 3 word terms or short phrases and their translation(s). A glossary might also optionally include definitions, parts of speech, gender, number, or other information about the term.

Translation memory files on the other hand contain longer sentences or segments.

Your glossary must be able to be imported into your TM-Town account. For more details on the types of terminology files you can import into your TM-Town account, please see the Getting Started page. Once the glossary is in your TM-Town account, TM-Town will handle preparing it in multiple formats (.tbx, .csv. .xlsx) for customers to purchase.

TM-Town uses Stripe for payment processing. If you are from a country that is not currently supported by Stripe TM-Town can pay you monthly to a PayPal address. Payouts to a PayPal address will occur after €25.00 in earnings have accrued.

This is completely up to you - the seller. The recommended range for most files would probably be between €5.00 and €10.00. However, again this is up to you and dependent on the file you are selling (number of terms / quality).

Still have questions? Send a message and someone from TM-Town will get back to you ASAP.