Rare, Professional, and Newest IT Terms

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The glossary contains over 2,600 hard-to-find terms and 3,000 definitions.

Price €7.00
Seller artjaazz Artem Nedrya
Language Pair English to Russian
Fields information technology
Term Concepts 2,649
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Packaged for your productivity

Rare, because this glossary contains terms not found in English-Russian online dictionaries (including the largest Multitran online dictionary with over 7.3 billion EN-RU entries). A result of over 2 years of freelancing and glossary building, it was originally compiled for my own purposes while working on various software localization projects (mostly IBM projects). Whenever I could not find a term online, I added it to this gloosary for later use. The glossary contains a good deal of newest computer terms and Internet slang, which means older-generation translators will find it especially helpful.

As you can see on the screenshot below, there is a third column with additional details like comments, full definitions, disambiguations, and reference links. By making a small investment, one can save 2 years of terminology building, no less!

Glossary Screenshot
This terminology package includes the following files:

  • TBX
  • CSV (UTF-8, UTF-16LE BOM, and CafeTran)
  • XLSX


The buyer of this package created by Artem Nedrya is entitled to use it for her/his own translation work. Redistribution (reselling, publicizing or any other form of multiplication) is expressly forbidden.