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Henk Sanderson

IATE terminology package downloads

  • Available in 552 language pairs
  • Updated to latest IATE release (May 2021)
    • The update process at IATE is accelerating: since my previous release in September 2020, more than 5% changes (additions, deletions and modifications were carried out, and overall quality of terms is increasing, according to IATE). My current release is based upon an IATE extraction of May 1st, 2021.
    • Apart from an update of the terms themselves, a few bugs in the extraction have been corrected (Domain names were missing in sets with English as target language, Domain names for sets with Hungarian as target language were sometimes in Croat)
  • Latin* and Multilingual** terms added in source and target of every language pair
    * Latin is used mostly for taxonomy (scientific names of plants and animals), but also for legal expressions and other purposes.
    ** ‘Multilingual’ is used to enter codes and formulas that are the same across all languages (for instance, CO2).
  • Prices range from €9.50 to €14.50 (free for ProZ.com Plus subscribers)
  • Ease of installation into the major CAT tools

Available Glossaries

The CJK Dictionary Institute

CJKI terminology package downloads

  • 160+ glossaries
  • 4 language pairs (more coming soon)
  • Prices range from $6.00 to $22.00 (free for ProZ.com Plus subscribers)

Available Glossaries

Available Glossary Bundles