CJKI Glossary of Life Science Terms

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The copyright for this glossary is owned by The CJK Dictionary Institute, Inc. This glossary is only for use as an individual translator. The file sets can only be used by you and nobody else. If you are a translation agency or service provider and want to give more translators access to the glossary, you will need to contact The CJK Dictionary Institute, Inc. (the seller) to discuss a fair price scheme. Redistribution (reselling, publicizing or any other form of multiplication) is expressly forbidden.

Comprehensive Japanese-Chinese glossary of over 30,360 life science terms.

Price $12.00
Seller cjki The CJK Dictionary Institute
Language Pair Japanese to Chinese
Term Concepts 30,368

The CJKI Glossary of Life Science Terms, compiled by The CJK Dictionary Institute (CJKI) in Japan, is a comprehensive resource of Chinese equivalents for Japanese Life Science terminology, which provides translators with access to approximately 30,360 terms and their equivalents. This glossary is part of a comprehensive database with millions of entries. Although efforts were made to ensure quality, accuracy for all entries cannot be guaranteed.