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Welcome to the new TM-Town forums


Kevin Dias commented on December 6, 2014

Welcome to TM-Town! I added this forum as a place for translators to discuss anything related to translation and other related topics such as language, interpreting, localization, subtitling, etc.

Also feel free to discuss TM-Town features, ask questions about TM-Town, report bugs or issues, etc.

You can style your comments in the forums using markdown. This allows you do do formatting such as bold or italics.

You can also add emoji :+1:

Here is a cheat sheet for all of the different emoji you can add.

I look forward to discussing translation and TM-Town with the community :heart:


Roy Williams commented on January 29, 2015

Is TM town now fully operational for clients seeking translators? Or is this site still in the building phase?


Kevin Dias commented on January 29, 2015

Hi Roy,

Yes and yes.

TM-Town is fully operational for clients seeking translators. Clients can purchase translation on the Order Translation page.

TM-Town is also still in the building phase. I am pushing new features and changes to the site every day. There are still many things I want to add and improve about TM-Town...so in my mind TM-Town will always be in the building phase.


Alyssa commented on January 11, 2016

I am an ENG-VIE translator. I am considering buying membership at TM Town. What I am concerning is whether many LSP has become aware of this platform and can you provide translators the active number of companies registering and using your service so that translators are more confident in this investment?


Kevin Dias commented on January 11, 2016

Hi Alyssa,

Thanks for signing up for TM-Town and giving it a try!

Just this past month we updated our directory search and since then we have been focusing a lot of our marketing efforts on getting more LSPs and end clients to use TM-Town to find translators. Going forward this will continue to be a main area of focus for us.

Month over month we are seeing more searches and more messages going out to translators (LSPs and end clients do not have to register, they can freely search TM-Town and message translators without an account).

As a first step, I would recommend giving our free tier a try for some time to see how that goes. I think an important thing to do is to focus on your profile. This is a good blog post that goes into the details of how to complete your profile and make it attractive. We find that translators that have a completed profile (i.e. picture, about me, links to other profile sites, etc.) receive more profile views and messages.

If you would like, I'd be happy to set up a Skype call and go over the different features of TM-Town as well as how to improve your profile to get more visibility on TM-Town. If you are interested just send me an email (kevin at tm-town.com).

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