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ESPANED.COM commented on October 12, 2016

Hi Kevin,

How is it possible I have 2 different photos on my profile, depending on the browser with which I open TMT? (in this case Mozilla and Explorer)

I first inserted a black and white photo (Mozilla), but because of the funny cropping system, my face was reduced to my sunglasses. Furthermore, black and white doesn't go well with the colourfull background.

So I changed photos, in colour this time, but didn't see any results (Mozilla). Today I decided to open TMT with another browser (Explorer), and voila... my new photo, but the old one is still be shown when opening TMT with Mozilla.

My confusion is, which face is shown to the client?

Could you please enlight me on this one, or make sure the colour photo is shown on all browsers?


Kevin Dias commented on October 12, 2016


It sounds like the old (b&w) image is cached in your Mozilla browser. The photo that is on the server and displayed to clients is the color photo. If you clear your cache in the Mozilla browser it should show your color photo as well.

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Seymour Fields commented on December 13, 2023

Thanks for your solution. It works for me now

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