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About your rates posting/mail


ESPANED.COM commented on February 9, 2017

Mentioning your rates or not (that was the question, yes?). Well, I don't think it makes any difference at all, at least not on TMT.

First of all, I predomantly work with Euro-clients, and TMT doesn't give me the opportunity to mention my Euro-rates. In USD yes, but seeing the jojo rate-changes between Euro and USD, I would have to change them almost on a daily base, and to be honest, I've got better things to do. So, no option.

Furthermore, experience has learned me that most clients on PROZ (and why should TMT be different? You are PROZ!) are not looking for the best quality, but for the lowest rates (not an assumption, but a fact!). So, when I could mention my rates on TMT, they won't contact me because I probably would be too expensive for them, and if I don't mention my rates (as is the situation now), they are not contacting me anyhow. So why bother?

Talking about clients. I am not impressed by the number of clients that has contacted me through TMT. I am number 1 in almost all my disciplines in my language combinations, and was only contacted by 1 client with a name derived from the biggest river in South America and with very poor rates. This isn't working either.

So, instead of sending me/us mails with nice stories about rates, I would like to know how you are trying to actively contact potential clients.

I am curious (and maybe a lot of colleagues too!).


Kevin Dias commented on February 10, 2017

Hi Robert,

Thanks for your post. This year we are directing our focus to increasing the job messages and and client interest coming your way (https://www.tm-town.com/blog/tm-town-2016-year-in-review). As part of that we are working on ways to increase TM-Town's visibility with end clients and LSPs. We are working on more client-focused blog posts (1, 2) and have also solicited help from the community in writing client-focused blog posts which will be published over the coming weeks and months. We are also exploring various partnerships in addition to ways that we can leverage our new position in the ProZ.com ecosystem to bring more client activity to TM-Town.

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Miguel Ángel commented on May 10, 2017

For the moment, I don't any client, but I hope to have clients soon. I work with all kind of clients. I trust TM-Town and I seem a good page to work and to be a professional translator.

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