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Rank Translator Name Translation Units Term Concepts
1 User Avatar Bruno Miguel Espalha

Professional, Accurate, Fast

Country: Portugal

41,263 0
2 simonsleath Simon Sleath

Translation for screen, print and audio

Country: United Kingdom

24,771 0
3 alexandrep73353 Alexandre P.

Technical and literary translator

Country: France

20,184 0
4 User Avatar Victor Paradis

Multi-cultural and multi-lingual translator

Country: Canada

6,577 0
5 alvespassos Mariana Alves Passos

Technical Translator and Post-Editor

Country: Ireland

6,374 0
6 hanstranslator Hans Huber Abendroth

Two native languages: Spanish and German.

Country: Bolivia

5,552 0
7 lucianegreiros Lucia Negreiros

Specialist in NGO and HIV/AIDS work

Country: France

1,225 0
8 jaemarple Jae Marple

FR/ES/PT-EN(GB) Translator

Country: United Kingdom

1,088 0
9 nohamostafa29012 Noha Mostafa

The Power of a Word Connects the World

Country: Egypt

1,053 0
10 eltraductorlatino José Luis Fusco Lopez

Native bilingual speaker Spanish-Italian.

Country: Italy

897 0
11 tgu7bw330qzz Olivia Huaman

Spanish and Portuguese (Brazil) to English

Country: United Kingdom

837 0
12 User Avatar Marie-Anne

Country: United Kingdom

731 0

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