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Samuel Sebastian Holden Bramah

How and Why You Should Mentor

Questions: 3
Comments: 6

Samuel is one of the top 3 mentors in's Mentoring Program and has given presentations in the past on how to be a great mentor. Ask him anything and find out his advice on how to become a mentor to young translators.

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Igor Kmitowski

Exclusive Q&A with CafeTran Creator

Questions: 6
Comments: 13

CafeTran Espresso is a feature-rich CAT tool that works on Windows/PC's, Macs and Linux. Ask CafeTran's developer Igor any questions you may have about the tool that his users love.


Michael J.W. Beijer

Adding Speech to Text to Your Workflow

Questions: 9
Comments: 27

Michael is a full-time professional translator with over 20 years of experience working in the European translation industry. He is well-versed in many translation tools and he uses speech to text technology to improve his productivity and make his life easier.


Dmitry Kornyukhov

The How's and Why's of Raising Your Translation Rates

Questions: 2
Comments: 10

Entrepreneur. English-Russian Translator. Founder of The Open Mic. Video game localization specialist. Helping small and medium-sized businesses go global.


Jenae Spry

Save Hours in Your Translation Process by Streamlining

Questions: 3
Comments: 7

Jenae Spry is a MIIS-certified French-to-English translator who has been successfully freelancing for a decade. She has been leveraging that experience to help freelancers as a Productivity and Performance Coach for the past 4 years and is constantly inspired as she regularly helps translators achieve success in many forms, whether it’s regaining control of their lives and business or tripling their income. She also runs the Success by Rx blog for freelancers.


Max Deryagin

Everything You Wanted to Know About Subtitling

Questions: 3
Comments: 7

Max Deryagin is a full-time freelance translator and subtitler located in Perm Krai, Russia. Over the six years of work, he has collaborated with a great number of independent and corporate clients and subtitled over 300 videos ranging from short commercials to full-length movies for TV, DVD and Web.