Glossary of Modern Financial, Legal and Other Terms

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POLSKO-ANGIELSKI GLOSARIUSZ NOWOCZESNYCH FINANSOWYCH, PRAWNYCH I INNYCH TERMINÓW. This Polish-English Glossary of Modern Financial, Legal and Other Terms focuses on providing the English equivalents of new and updated Polish terms across many fields.

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This Polish-English Glossary of Modern Financial, Legal and Other Terms focuses on providing the English equivalents of new and updated Polish terms from the fields of law (contract law, patent law, etc.), accounting, banking, commerce, ecology, economics, financial reports information technology, literature military, commerce, economics, oil and gas industry and pipelines, space research, stock-exchange trading, vital statistics, weaponry, etc. Composed by a translator with forty years of experience in rendering Polish scientific and technical articles and literary works into English.

Sample First Page Of Glossary

a wista = at sight, on call, on demand

abiturient = candidate for secondary-school certificate; graduate

abonament - subscription; commutation ticket

abordaź = boarding (of a ship as an act of war)

absolutorium = vote of acceptance of report; completion of higher education, diploma comes with completion of Master’s thesis

absorpcja kar = concurrence of penalties

a conto, wpłata = earnest money

adamaszkowy = damask (adj.)

adamowym stroju, w = birthday suit, buff, stark-naked

adhezja = contract

adhezyjny = adhesion (adj.)

adiutant = adjutant

administracja rządowa = government administration, bureaucracy

admiralski statek = flagship

adres dla doręczeń = address for delivery

a. zwrotny = return address

adresat = addressee, target

adresowalność = addressability

adresowanie bezpośrednie = direct addressing

a. indeksowe = indexed addressing

a. niejawne = implied addressing, implicit addressing

a. proste = immediate addressing

a. stronicowe = page addressing

adwokat główny strony = leading counsel

adwokat-karnik = criminal lawyer

adwokatura = the legal profession, the Bar

afazja = aphasia

afekcie, w = under an emotional strain

afekcie w, zbrodnia = crime of passion

afekt = emotion, disturbance

afera = scam, affair, notoriety

a. gospodarcza = scam, swindle

aferzysta = crook, swindler, con artist

afisz = poster

agencja towarzyska = escort service

agenda = memorandum-book; department

agendy = functions

agio = exchange premium (in bank clearings)

a. poźyczki = loan premium

agrafka = clasp, brooch, safety pin

agrest = gooseberry

ajerkoniak = egg liqueur

ajerwódka = vodka flavored with sweet-sedge

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