Medical Glossary

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Cardiology, psychiatry, gastroenterology, traumatology, neurology and many more subjects.

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Seller reedjames Reed James
Language Pair Spanish to English
Fields medical
Term Concepts 30,791
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Packaged for your productivity

This glossary, with its 60,000 terms meticulously checked against reliable sources will save you time and ensure that you are using the right term. How many times have you gone on a wild goose chase after a term, searched it in Google only to find five different possible translations with no certainty that you have the right ones. This glossary will dispel those doubts and provide you with the right terms so that you can work faster and with more confidence. This terminology package includes the following files:

  • TBX
  • CSV (UTF-8, UTF-16LE BOM, and CafeTran)
  • XLSX


The buyer of this package created by Reed James is entitled to use it for her/his own translation work. Redistribution (reselling, publicizing or any other form of multiplication) is expressly forbidden.