Legal Glossary #2

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This glossary contains English to French legal terms

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Seller User Avatar Katerina Katapodi
Language Pair English to French
Fields legal
Term Concepts 50
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Packaged for your productivity

Hi everybody! My name is Katerina Katapodi, and I have prepared this Legal Glossary today with 50 terms from EN-FR in an analysis way: Thus examples are given for each term, also in source and mother tongue, apart from the terms-words. The main English terms are taken from an Official Lexicon of Lawyers Association of Greece.

I am native French, also a member of Association to Lawyers in my town Mytilini, Greece, island Lesbos, third island of Greece. I have two degrees also in French language and High degre in English, being Certified in translation from GR/EN/FR/GE by First Instalce Court locally.

It can help anybody, lawyers also, translators of English and French speakers, as the way analysis of term (translated correctly)gives the opportunity to user to use the term in a correct way by deeply understanding meanings and terminology. I plan to do the whole book this way, to German also and Spanish. Ok Best price applies.

This terminology package includes the following files:

  • TBX
  • CSV (UTF-8, UTF-16LE BOM, and CafeTran)
  • XLSX


The buyer of this package created by Katerina Katapodi is entitled to use it for her/his own translation work. Redistribution (reselling, publicizing or any other form of multiplication) is expressly forbidden.