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English to Malay (generic)

Below you can find information on the top translators and fields of expertise for the English to Malay (generic) language pair on TM-Town.

Top 10 Experts

Rank Translator Name Translation Units Term Concepts
1 User Avatar Nor Hisam

Quality and Punctuality First

Country: Malaysia

290,645 0
2 4hasnan Hasnan Hakim

translator english malay jawi

Country: Malaysia

15,735 0
3 abdghafar Abd Ghafar Hamzah

Quality translation

Country: Malaysia

7,217 1
4 najabakar Najibah AB

Great translation requires passion

Country: Malaysia

558 26
5 User Avatar Noor Azlan Ahmad

Country: Malaysia

435 0
6 uzkfm Faizal Kamarol

Expand Your Clinical Trials in Malaysia!

Country: Malaysia

174 0
7 izuanfikri IZUAN FIKRI AHMAD

QUALITY and SPEED with a CHEAP price tag.

Country: Malaysia

164 0
8 lyzhan Salina Lily Salleh

Passionate and resourceful

Country: Malaysia

131 0
9 User Avatar Haslina Abdul Hardy

English to Malay Translator

Country: Malaysia

108 0
10 anishayub Anish Ayub

Art is communication

Country: Malaysia

55 0

Top 10 Fields of Expertise

Rank Field Translation Units
1 Occupational Safety 118,097
2 Computers (Software) 112,717
3 Business 112,528
4 Management 112,401
5 Information Technology 111,331
6 Software 106,716
7 Medical (Clinical Trial) 50,936
8 Social Science 16,001
9 Market Research 11,910
10 Surveying 10,920

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