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What do you think of a mining translator?


Nadhira Khalid commented on June 18, 2021

Hi guys,
I am new here in TM-Town. I have been in Translation-Editing-Proofreading for around 24 years now (English-Indonesian). I want to write an article or a blog about translator of mining industry. I am so tempted to write about this because in my 8 years career as a freelance translator (after16 yrs worked as an in-house translator in a mining company and from where I got my diploma) most of my clients asked me, "why do you state yourself as a mining translator?". By the way, I worked with many clients in various fields (medical, safety, heavy equipment, IT-software, etc.). Only a week ago, a new client who used my service to translate general medical website, asked me the same question. And the simplest answer I could give her is that, well, because that is stated in my diploma. :blush:

By the way, so now I am curious, what exactly clients or people think of a mining translator? What will be the first impression you get when you hear about a mining translator, and what do you think the kind of specialty(ies) a mining translator have?

I would be very grateful if you can just tell me your piece of mind.


Gian Augello commented on July 23, 2021

Hello Nadhira! Nice to meet you,
well, honestly, when I read you were a mining translator, my first though was… well, actually, I didn't think anything, my brain started trying to mix cryptocurrency mining with translation, hahaha. I though something like, "is she earning cryptocurrencies while (and because of) that she is translating? Is it a new type of mining?" Hahhahahah

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Grace commented on March 10, 2022

Here I am a mining translator as well. I have worked for various mining companies on cross-border investment and fund raising. Translation was part of my job and my clients continually contact me as they cannot find many specific translator knowing this industry. Understanding how mining and the procedure work is important for a good translation.


James Sprag commented on March 10, 2022

You work in a very interesting and specific field. Unfortunately, I never had to translate for this area. I have translated a lot for real estate companies. I wish you success in your work.


Richard Velazquez commented on April 15, 2022

Good night.
Well, I think people can confuse mining translators with cryptocurrencies. So, you should specify your specialty: Mining Industry Translator. After saying that, you got that knowledge (that not everybody has) after working for many years in that field. In brief, do not hesitate to say that you are a Translator expert in the Mining Industry.

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