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Is TM-Town practically abandoned by its owners/developers?


Tor G. commented on March 24, 2018

I'm asking because I can not find much evidence of the opposite.

I'm trying to upload two TMX-files I exported from MateCat, but TM-Town fails to recognize both source and target languages. When searching for a solution, I found another member asking about this more than 6 weeks ago in this forum – and with no replies yet.

So I decided to try out the desktop application, Deshi, in an attempt to bypass whatever problems the TMX-file is causing with the TM-Town server. Only to discover that the Mac version will not even launch on macOS High Sierra – not even an error message pops up. I have not found a solution to that problem. Maybe the Windows version works, I don't know. (But it doesn't work in Wine on Mac, although that is not TM-Town's fault.)

Finally, I noticed that the last official blog post is at least half a year old – another sign of an abandoned ship.

I don't know … not really expecting to get an answer, but I like the TM-Town concept – I actually considered a paid membership, so I thought I'd give it a try before quitting.

If anybody reads this, thanks for reading and have a nice day!



Kevin Dias commented on March 24, 2018

Hi Tor,

Thank you for your interest in TM-Town. It is not abandoned. I checked the MateCat TMX files you uploaded. There is an XML error in both of them (in line 13 on one file and line 24 on the other file). The XML declaration exists twice in each of those files. This is something you will need to ask the developers of MateCat to fix.

As for Deshi, macOS High Sierra introduced breaking changes to the application and unfortunately we are not able to support it at this time.



Tor G. commented on March 25, 2018

Thank you for proving that TM-Town isn't abandoned.

I understand you're not responsible for others' mistakes, so I'll take the non-standard issue with MateCat.

A piece of friendly advice to you:

  1. Give more info about the parse error when importing TMX-files. Either line number or kind of error. Or both!

  2. Make your disclaimer about no-go on High Sierra bigger and more difficult to overlook. I didn't notice it … :)

I'm having high hopes for the future of TM-Town. It seems promising. Let me know if I can help (as a web/software developer).


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