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How will I receive job offers on TN-Town? Have anyone received translation jobs from this platform?


Mohammed Abuhuraira Akrami commented on July 21, 2015

Hi All!

Has anybody received any job offer from any client at TM-Town. I am asking so because, I am yet to receive any job offer from this platform. I am not sure that if anybody has received translation job through this platform. If so, please share the same here so that the newcomers will have an idea about its functionality.


Kevin Dias commented on July 21, 2015

Hi Mohammed,

Thanks for your post! Currently you will be contacted by email for any job offers / job messages. In the future there will be a much better online interface for you to view job offers and messages, but currently it is through email.

There are 2 ways that you could get contacted for a job on TM-Town.

  1. A client purchases translation directly from TM-Town’s site and you are selected as the most suitable translator for the job (and the job is above your "Don't Bother Me Rate").

  2. Clients can contact you directly through your TM-Town public profile. There is a “Message Translator” button. You are free to contact that client as you wish and you can do the whole transaction outside of TM-Town if you so choose.

TM-Town is still young, so I can't promise that you will get a ton of job offers from the platform immediately, but I am working hard every day to continue to grow and expand TM-Town.

I appreciate all of the translators who have tried out TM-Town as "early-adopters" and I hope TM-Town's growth will be able to reward your patience in the future by exposing you to new clients / job opportunities.


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