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Hello! I'm looking for advice on getting started


Chris Alexander commented on January 28, 2020

I'm new on here so was hoping for some advice on the best way to get started. I've updated my profile and loaded some of my work onto the system and created some TM. So where do I go from here? What's the best way of getting some work?
Any advice from translators with experience would be greatly appreciated!


Inger Munksgaard commented on April 22, 2020

I wonder, if you had jobs.
I have created a profile. Seems like one has to pay to a leading name in the translationsterms you want to offer. I am Danish. So I tried looking for translaters, who could translate from Dansish to English, and only this leading guy`s name appeared. I cannot afford paying without getting anything in return. It seems like a trap to me. Do you know anything about that?

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