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English to Hindi is a major language pair


Dr Ritu commented on July 20, 2015

Hello All!

I am Dr Ritu, a new member here:-) Just checking the database and not able to find any information related to EN-HI language pair.

Please let me know if I can help you in making/developing database in this language pair.

Dr Ritu


Kevin Dias commented on July 20, 2015

Hi Dr. Ritu,

Welcome to TM-Town and thanks for your message! I'd love to add some English to Hindi terminology glossaries to the TM-Town Terminology Marketplace.

If you have a glossary you would like to add, it is easy. If you upload a glossary to your TM-Town account you can then click the pink "Sell Glossary" button. You will then be asked to give the glossary a title, description and price. If you don't want to sell it you can also make it free. I think other translators would definitely be interested in EN-HI glossaries.


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