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Do I really need source and target files if I merge them into TM files?


Irina Risnik commented on June 28, 2017


I wanted to know, when clients search for a translator, do TM files come up in their search first, and only then source and target files? I'm asking because if yes I could delete some source and target files that I aligned to free space for more new files I can align. Also, I had it in an email from TM town, but accidentally deleted it: how do I enable the search that matches TM files to client's query? Looking forward to the answers.

Irina Risnik


Kevin Dias commented on June 28, 2017

Hi Irina,

If the aligned TM file is still in your account then that is all you need for matching. To enable your profile to be discovered in Nakōdo searches you can go to your account settings page and click on the 'Nakōdo Settings' tab on the left. There you will find the option to opt-in.

Best regards,


Irina Risnik commented on June 30, 2017

Thank you Kevin!

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