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Help Us Spread the Word About TM-Town (and Earn Some Rewards)

Help Us Spread the Word About TM-Town (and Earn Some Rewards)

Today we are releasing a new referral program on TM-Town wherein you can earn some great rewards for helping to spread the word about TM-Town to your fellow translators.

It's super easy - just visit this page and send an invitation to any of your friends or colleagues who have not yet joined TM-Town. If they sign up using the link from your email, both of you benefit.

Your friend will receive a bonus 10 extra documents and you can earn the following if your friend goes on to upload at least 1 document:

  • +10 documents
  • +10,000 segments
  • +1,000 terms
  • +5 alignments

Additionally, if your friend goes on to sign up for a paid membership, we'll credit you with a 6 month upgrade or extension of the equivalent plan.

There is no limit on the rewards you can earn, so what are you waiting for - help us turn this town into a city and make it an even more attractive place for end clients and agencies to find the best freelance translators.

kevin dias at tm-town

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Kevin Dias
TM-Town Developer
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