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Sharing Files with Collaborators

Sharing Files with Collaborators

On TM-Town it is easy to share documents with other TM-Town members. This may be useful if you are collaborating with other translators on a project or in a team setting.

Shared documents can be searched, edited or updated by the translator(s) the document is shared with. The shared document can not be deleted and other "Document Management" options are disabled.

This feature can also be used with TM-Town's CafeTran Espresso integration to allow multiple translators to collaborate on and update a shared translation memory file in real-time.

How to Share

To share a document is easy. First click on the document you would like to share from the Your Work area. Once on the page of the document you would like to share, navigate to the "Document Management" tab. At the top of the "Document Management" tab you will see the Share Settings area. Search for the TM-Town username of the translator you would like to share the document with. When you select a translator you will see his/her TM-Town profile image appear. Then click "Share", it's that easy.

To remove a translator from the list of people the file has been shared with, just click the "X" to remove him/her and that translator will no longer be able to access the document.

When a document is shared with you, you will see a new tab in the Your Work area titled "Documents Shared with Me".

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