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Enhanced Profiles

Enhanced Profiles

Today's post will take a look at how to get the most out of your TM-Town public profile. TM-Town profiles are a little different than what you might be used to on other translation sites.

The biggest difference you will notice is that you can not manually set your language pairs or fields of expertise. Instead, your language pairs and fields of expertise are generated after you load work into TM-Town's system.

One ideal of TM-Town is that translators don't just say what they can do, they show it -- and TM-Town profiles aim to be an accurate representation of this goal.

Building your TM-Town profile

There are 2 main ways to build your profile:

  1. Load work into TM-Town's system
  2. By loading work into TM-Town's safe and secure system your language pairs, fields of expertise, translation unit count, and term concept count will all be automatically generated for you.
  3. Complete all relevant fields in the Edit Account Settings section
  4. Here you can add fields such as your name, native language, country, the software you use and more.


TM-Town Profile Keywords

It is possible to add keywords to your TM-Town profile. These might be terms that show off your expertise or the types of documents you often translate. To add a keyword to your profile you can click on the pink "plus" icon for any term that was automatically extracted from your documents.

Terminology Repositories

Your TM-Town profile features any terminology repositories that you have made public. By creating high quality terminology repositories you can become a trusted name in the translation community. Public terminology repositories aid translators and the translation community by providing a central location to easily search and download relevant terminology files.


By adding a public terminology repository, translators earn 10 karma points for every term concept in the file and 15 karma points every time another translator stars the repository.

If there are 2 translators who are equally qualified for a job on TM-Town, the TM-Town system will give preference to the translator who has more karma points.

Link to your ProZ.com profile

For those translators who are also members of ProZ.com, it is now possible to link your ProZ.com profile to your TM-Town account. This will add a link to your ProZ.com profile on your TM-Town public profile.

TM-Town Link To Your ProZ.com profile

Your work, working for you

Your TM-Town profile was designed to highlight your expertise and the portfolio of work you have built over your career. Get started on TM-Town today and create your own profile. It is free to register.

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