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TM's for Translators launches TM-Town, a new patent-pending online translation platform

December 9th, 2014

TM's for Translators, LLC, a software development company based in the US announced today its new online patent-pending translation platform called TM-Town.

Lewes, DE, December 9th, 2014 - TM's for Translators, LLC has launched TM-Town a new patent-pending online translation platform that matches companies in need of translation with professional human translators. Utilizing advancements in natural language processing and text mining technologies TM-Town's system matches incoming translation jobs to the best subject-matter translator for the job. The job platform is the first of its kind in the translation industry.

Kevin Dias, TM-Town's developer explains, "What makes TM-Town unique from the other online translation services is that on TM-Town translators upload their previous work into TM-Town’s system and when a new translation job enters the system the document is analyzed against all of the prior work in the system to find the translator with the most subject matter expertise in that area."

TM-Town's technology is also built to speed up the translation process, as it allows a translator to easily leverage their linguistic assets (translation memory files, glossaries, terms, etc.) thus reducing the time needed for subject matter research.

"In the translation industry specialization is very important," says Kevin, "when translators work on material within their areas of particular expertise, aided by advanced translation memory technology, they are able to work better and faster."

TM-Town also provides professional translators a suite of tools to help manage and leverage their linguistic assets. TM-Town's translation enablement platform provides translators private and secure storage of translation memory files and glossaries, automated document alignment, easy file conversion, the ability to share documents with trusted colleagues, as well as term extraction and glossary creation. Above all, TM-Town's system was designed to keep all translation data confidential.

As the worldwide demand for translation and translators increases, the need to efficiently and directly connect businesses to a professional translator is a growing concern in the translation industry.

To learn more about how TM-Town solves this problem, visit:

About TM's for Translators, LLC:
TM's for Translators, LLC is a software development company dedicated to creating a better translation world through technology and specialization. With TM-Town, a patent-pending translation enablement platform, translators are empowered to reach relevant clients and jobs and manage and leverage their linguistic assets.