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Welcome to TM-Town (lite)

Translations by Professionals

TM-Town’s one-of-a-kind search engine finds the best translator for your content.

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How Is TM-Town Different?


On TM-Town translators don't just say what they can do, they show it by loading their prior work which TM-Town analyzes to help match your job to the best expert.


Once you’ve discovered a translator who really gets your content, why would you let them go? We let you freely develop your relationship with your translator.


By focusing on areas of expertise, we are able to consistently introduce you to the translators who will produce the highest quality translations.

An All New Way to Find Translators

1) Translators load their prior work into private, secure vaults.

2) The text you need translated is analyzed against the work translators have loaded into TM-Town's system.

3) TM-Town's system is then able to recommend the best translator(s) for your particular translation job.

How It Works

Translators Use Our Tools

We offer a host of tools for translators to help them manage their business. By analyzing a translator's prior work we are better able to match them to client jobs.

Paste Your Content

Getting started with your translator search is as easy as pasting in a text you need translated. Our translator search engine will do the rest!

Message Translator

We introduce you to the top translators for your content needs and then get out of the way. You’re free to message anyone, directly, with your job offer.

Our Tools for Translators

Alignment Tool

Transforming past translation jobs from Word files, PDFs, text files, etc. into a translation memory (TM) file is a piece of cake. Our alignment tool takes a source document and its translation, and generates industry standard TM files such as TMX or XLIFF that can then be used in a CAT tool.

CAT Tool Integrations

Translators can securely access their private TM-Town TMs and terms in their favorite CAT tools. What’s more, work from the CAT tool can also easily be backed up to TM-Town. Currently supports CafeTran; SDL Trados Studio 2015 support coming in early 2016.

Productivity Tracking

You can’t manage what you don’t track, so we created a tool that helps translators track what activities fill their days. TM-Town's tool records daily satisfaction, words translated, and more.

Paste Your Content

Provide a Sample Text

Our first-of-its-kind search engine takes a sample text that you paste into it. This could be the whole document, a short sample, or something similar to the translation job you need done. No data is saved or shared in this process.

Your Text is Analyzed

Once you’ve pasted your text, we use the latest natural language processing technologies to determine the translators in our community who have loaded work that is most similar to the expertise you require.

Browse and Filter Results

After a few moments, we’ll return a similarity graph where our recommended translators for your specific document are plotted. Based on our analysis, we assign either a 'Weak Match', 'Strong Match', or 'Golden Match' to the resulting translators to help you quickly make sense of the results. You can then reach out to all who seem fit for your job.

Directly Message Translators

Choose Your Budget

All final prices must be agreed on between you and the translator. By choosing your budget, the translator will be notified if their typical rates are in your range.

Enter the Job Description

Next, select the language pairs and the field or domain of your translation needs. Give a helpful description of your job in the message body.

Finalize the Details

If the translator is available and interested to help with your project, he or she will email you back. Unlike other sites that try to control the communication channel, we get out of the way, allowing you and the translator to finalize the details of your job.

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