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Your Productivity Data and What You Can Learn From It

Many translators I speak to manually keep rough track of how many words they translate per day, though it is time consuming and cumbersome. Others are not aware that the CAT tool that they are using has been timestamping their translation units. Usually CAT tools automatically put a timestamp on the translation units and if the file is exported as a TMX file this time data is preserved. However, without the ability to analyze the data, it is pretty useless. As this data can help you in many ways, TM-Town includes a tool that automatically extracts productivity data from your translation memory (TM) files - data that was hiding that you might have never known was there.

What you will uncover with TM-Town’s analytical tools

By understanding your productivity you will be able to better manage your schedule as well as keep your clients happier as you will have your past data to help you make better estimates.

You have questions...TM-Town provides the answers

Upload a TMX file and see for yourself

With your TM data uncovered you will be able to better understand and manage your productivity. Additionally, you might learn some interesting things about your work rate that you never knew. Register for your free TM-Town account and give these tools a try!

Kevin Dias
TM-Town Developer

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Edmilson Filho
Posted 9 months ago.
I have a dream about translate movies and series one day, but I gotta practice my English, (I'm from Brazil). Although I have many problems with the topic related to <a href="https://blogdasaude.net.br">healthy.</a> But I started to practice :D

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