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Hi, my name is Thierry de Carvalho Banhete

Entertainment Localizer

Native in: Portuguese
I'm available today

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About Me

$0.08 to $0.11/ word*

$25 to $35/ hour*

My specialty is avoiding the awkward and cringe-inducing translations caused by misreadings and misinterpretings of slangs and idioms. I strive to either find or forge the perfect match to every witty line, and make the text sound like it wasn't translated at all.

*The listed rates are a general range for this translator. Every project is different and many factors affect translation rates including the complexity of your source text, file format, deadline, etc. Please contact this translator with the details of your translation job for a more specific rate quote.

838 Translation Units

0 Term Concepts

My Experience

Years of experience: 2