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Latvian to Bulgarian IATE terminology package

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Bilingual files extracted from the European Union’s IATE Termbase and formatted for various CAT-tools.

Price €9.50
Seller Henk Sanderson
Language Pair Latvian to Bulgarian
Fields general
Term Concepts 133,831

The pricing of this glossary applies if you are an individual translator (or rather, if the file sets you order are used just by you and nobody else). If however you represent a translation agency or service provider, please contact Henk Sanderson (the seller) to discuss a fair price scheme.

Packaged for your productivity

Why purchase this package when the data is freely available for download on the IATE site? Your time is valuable, don't waste it spending endless hours trying to get what you need from the raw IATE download. For a small price this package offers you many benefits as a translator:

New in December 2016 version

New in May 2017 version

New in March 2018 version

The pruning and renewing process in IATE continues. Where the total number of terms has decreased by about 13,000 since March 2017, additions and deletions of complete termentries are as follows:
 23,645 termentries deleted, 79,826 termentries added. 
Note: these numbers give no info about modified / added / removed terms within an already existing termentry.

New in March 2019 version:

Data that has been meticulously cleaned and formatted for your benefit

The author of these files has spent a considerable amount of effort to clean up issues and problem areas found in the raw IATE download including:

What's included?

This package includes the following:

(all .csv, .tmx, .xml, .tbx are encoded in UTF-8, except for WordFast *TB.txt files which are coded in UTF-16LE)

If you would like to purchase this file using PayPal or using a SEPA bank transfer, please visit SanTrans and fill in the Contact form, including your wishes in the Message field.

The following specifies the right of SanTrans to use the IATE DATA: Note on copyright with respect to the data included in the files (from http://iate.europa.eu/tbxPageDownload.do):

Conditions for use

You are allowed to reproduce the data (provided on this page) for your personal needs, to distribute it for non-commercial and commercial purposes, and to make and distribute derivative works, provided the source is acknowledged as follows: Download IATE, European Union, [2019].

Conditions for end use by the buyer of the bilingual file sets

The buyer of the bilingual file sets created by SanTans by extraction from IATE DATA is entitled to use them for his own translation work. Redistribution (reselling, publicizing or any other form of multiplication) is expressly forbidden, unless agreed upon between buyer and SanTrans.