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Feature Requests

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Kevin Dias commented on December 6, 2014

Translators - I'd love to hear more about your daily work flow and what tools you want and need to make your life easier. If you have something you'd like to see on TM-Town let me know here.

Looking forward to hearing your ideas :thought_balloon:

Roy Williams commented on January 12, 2015

An way to define payment methods and/or and invoicing function would be good.

Kevin Dias commented on January 12, 2015

Hi Roy, thanks for your comment! Payment on TM-Town will be done using Stripe. When a translator receives their first job they will receive instructions on how to fully set up their account to receive payments. Invoicing is also in the works so that you will be able to easily download, track and manage all of your invoices.

Thanks again for your suggestions and I'll keep you posted of any developments in these areas.

Roy Williams commented on January 13, 2015

Will it also be possible to specify one or multiple currencies?

Kevin Dias commented on January 15, 2015

Hi Roy,

Thanks for your question. For end clients needing translation, TM-Town is currently accepting U.S. Dollars. For translators, you will be able to receive payment in any of the supported currencies listed on this page. The translator will have to absorb any conversion fees incurred on the transactions.

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