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2016 Year in Review

Happy New Year everyone! It has been a long time since our last blog post...too long. Our resolution for 2017 is to restart the TM-Town blog and keep it active. As you haven’t heard from us in a few months, you are probably wondering what we have been up to. Let’s review!

2016 was an exciting and busy year at TM-Town. Here are the highlights:

In addition to all of the above, Nate and I also spent a lot of time becoming familiar with the ProZ.com team and site. We visited the ProZ.com office in Syracuse in July and had the pleasure of building the new ProZ.com video library as part of the Plus package release. We look forward to finding even more ProZ.com and TM-Town synergies over the next year.

The Road Ahead

We have a lot of planned for the year ahead. We are proud of the network of translators that have joined TM-Town to date and we plan to focus our attention in 2017 to increase the numbers of job messages and client interest coming your way. Additionally we plan to create new state-of-the-art tools to help you manage and leverage your translation assets.

We are excited about the year ahead and hope you are too. Wishing you a healthy and successful 2017. Happy translating from the TM-Town team!

Let us know in the comments about your goals for 2017 and how we might be able to help you reach them.

Kevin Dias
TM-Town Developer

Comments (1)

Edmilson Filho
Posted 9 months ago.
I remember that in 2016 I was creating my first portuguese website for a friend https://resenhas-da-web.com she loved, she was my english teacher and she always gave me free classes because I made her website. And now that I created https://blogdasaude.net.br she works with me translating news world wide :D

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