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Sample Source Texts

For some translators, loading work into TM-Town's system is not possible due to non-disclosure agreements (NDAs) or similar restrictions. For these translators, TM-Town now has a new feature that makes it easy to get started on TM-Town, even if you can't load work.

If you do not have a public sample translation that you can load into your TM-Town account, TM-Town now provides a catalog of public source texts across a variety of fields of expertise that you can use to complete a short sample translation.

Choose a Source Text

The source text library is currently not very large and contains mostly English texts. So if you can't find a sample in your source language or field of expertise please email me and I'll try to add one. Also, if you know any good resources for public domain texts in languages other than English, please let me know by email or in the comments below.

If you would like to do a sample translation in lieu of loading work, you can begin by browsing the sample source texts and choosing one that is in your field of expertise. Then, just click the Translate button to start translating the sample source text. It's that easy!

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Kevin Dias
TM-Town Developer

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