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Productivity Tracking for Freelance Translators

TM-Town is releasing a new feature today to help you, the freelance translator, easily track your daily productivity. In less than 5 minutes you can record your day's work and TM-Town's tool will visualize your productivity data for you.

Designed for Simplicity

TM-Town's tool is dead simple to use and in only a few minutes you can easily fill out your daily report. Just slide the bars and that's it. TM-Town even has a setting to set up an automatic email reminder for the next day's report.

Visualize Your Productivity

With TM-Town's tool you can view various graphs and charts and see how your data changes over time.

Data Export

Your data is yours and you can easily export it at any time. TM-Town may report aggregate data across all translators from time to time; however, your individual data stays private and can not be viewed by anyone but yourself.

Give it a try! If you are logged in you can create a new report here.

Are you a freelance translator? Sign up for a free TM-Town account today and start tracking your productivity.

Kevin Dias
TM-Town Developer

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