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A New Way to Browse Translators

In my pursuit to upgrade the client and the professional translator’s work environment, I have launched a new section of TM-Town that allows a visitor to browse translators across language pair or field of expertise. Now it is even easier to see who the experts are.

This new section of the site can be easily accessed through the "Browse" dropdown menu on the top navigation bar.

Translators - find your niche and own it!

The ability to browse TM-Town by language pair or field of expertise benefits both end clients in need of translation and translators:

Just another way that TM-Town is revolutionizing the translation business

This new section of TM-Town will benefit clients and translators alike. For buyers looking for a professional translator with specific skills as well as for translators looking to build their business, this tool will become indispensable.

If you are a professional translator, get started on TM-Town today and you can move to the top of your area of specialization. It's free to register.

Kevin Dias
TM-Town Developer

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